Chairman - Farrukh Malik

Farrukh Malik Agile is being able to move quickly and easily. Agile methodology becomes the need of time due to the continuous evolving requirements of projects. Why is it important for us? Because it promotes a disciplined proje more...


  • Raise Agile understanding within professionals

  • Spread awareness about Agile within students




Society's Mission

Our mission is to make a platform where people from different industries can share and guide other people about the use of Agile project management techniques and best practices. It will also serve as a research body on new ideas, techniques, practices and methods for Agile project management.

About Society

#AgilePk is a self organizing body working for the promotion of using Agile project development methods. We believe that our contribution in "any form" can bring the improvement in any business, project or task.
We are looking for volunteers (members) who can take active part in developing, promoting and educating the people from different industries with the goal to continuously improve the successful project delivery rate.
Lets have a cooperative effort to spread the knowledge and pay something back to our country