About Volunteers

Volunteers of society are the supporting body of a society. In Agile Society, Speakers elects for based on terms about concepts of Agile, industry influence, academics influence and specilize in some Agile topic.

Zeeshan Mehtab


Software Engineer with more than 8 Years of hands on experience in developing software applications of diverse size and complexity using Open Source Technologies – Java & PHP. Eager to learn new ways to manage projects and teams in a better way. ...more

Kashif Ur Rehman Qureshi


A Tech guru, spent 15 years of my life in programing and software development including consultancy and coaching. Teaching is my hobby and I want to continue working in high tech for the benefits of mankind.


Mirza Raheel


Experience in PHP Frameworks like Cake, Zend, Laravel, CodeIgniter

Also have experience in Website Scraping, Smarty template engine, Sencha Touch 2, Ext JS, SVN, Github

Specialties: PHP, Ajax, Html, xhtml, Jquery, CSS


Khurram Shahzad


A passionate Social Entrepreneur who is constantly seeking perfection.

Business Leadership Practitioner who believes in driving massive success through People, Product and Process management.

Professional product innovator and owner of many successful products in Email Marketing, SaaS and Cloud industry.

Agile Practitioner in SAAS industry with performance driven high end solutions provider attitude.

Managing a Full Stack Development team practicing Agile me...more

Muhammad Numan Mirza


I am looking for a role where I can develop my skills further, researching new technologies and revelling in new challenges. To attain any challenging position, that offers opportunities for advancement and allows me to utilize my skill and attribute to the fullest potential. ...more

Ahmed Hassan



Isfahan ul Haq


Vice Chair at IEEE COMSATS Islamabad

Went to Comsats Islamabad


Jawad Nisar


7 years of experience in web development field. Eager to learn new technologies....more

Shaheen Ur Rehman


Working as Product Owner and Program Manager in a well known IT company DPL-IT which is Agile powered IT services company located in Islamabad.

Key performance areas

  • Project Clarification, requirement gathering and availability
  • Backlog Management
  • Sprint Planning and Estimation
  • Sprint Retrospective
  • Update Artifacts

Muhammad Saqib


Have been working in the software Industry for 10 years. Master degree in IT from NUST and working as Technical Lead - Scrum Mater currently. 


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