2018 - ISB: 3rd Quarterly Session Dry Run Meet up

Review of all activities Review of talks / activities Dry Run

2018 - ISB: 10th Meet up (Upcoming)

Review of ACP18 Next Planning

2018 - Annual General Meeting (Upcoming)

Retrospective of the Year 2018 List down the issues Groom optimized solutions Take ownership to implement solutions

ACP18 - Full Dress Rehersal (Upcoming)

Arrangement of Equipment Arrangement of Lunch and food related stuff Arrangement of Sponsor's stuff Dry run of Registration Desk

2018 - ISB: 9th Meet up (Upcoming)

3rd Quarterly session retrospective Conference Organizing items Sponsorship Status Collaboration Status

2018 - LHR : 9th Meet up

2018 - LHR : 9th Meet up

Dry run of 3rd quarterly session

2018 - KHI : 3rd Meet up (Upcoming)

Conference Planning Conference Participation Conference Sponsorship

2018 - KHI : 2nd Meet up

Discussion on upcoming activities Team Formation

2018 - LHR : 8th Meet up

2018 - LHR : 8th Meet up

Planning of 3rd Quarterly Session Conference updates

2018 - KHI : 1st Meet up

Introduction with in the team Motive to start Chapter Brief on Expected activities

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