MoU Signing Ceremony with Zigron Inc

Venue sharing MoU Initiating to some new events series Collaboration from both ends to give more towards community/society/country

7th Monthly Meetup (Upcoming)

Will be updated later on

2nd Quarterly Session (Upcoming)

Agenda will be updated later on

2nd AgileSIG by OpenISB (Upcoming)

Requirement handling in Agility Backlog Planning

6th Monthly Meetup (Upcoming)

Open 2nd SIG planning 2nd Quarter Session

ISB:2019-05-30:5th Monthly Meetup (Upcoming)

Planning for Open 2nd SIG Session Planning for 2nd quarterly Session

ISB:2019-04-09:MoU Signing Ceremony with Open Islamabad

ISB:2019-04-09:MoU Signing Ceremony with Open Islamabad

MoU Signing on mutual TORs Motive is to provide more Agile sessions to professionals Starting a 5 session base program to make resources at certai

ISB:2019-03-28:3rd Monthly Meetup

Planning for 1st quarterly session Planning for 1st SIG with OPEN session Team grooming on public meetups

ISB:2019-04-23:1st Board Meeting

ISB:2019-04-23:1st Board Meeting

Board Member introduction Society's Introduction and workings Collaboration opportunities

ISB:2019-04-25:4th Monthly Meetup

ISB:2019-04-25:4th Monthly Meetup

Retrospective of 1st Quarterly session Open session SIG 1 review Next quarterly session planning Open Session SIG 2 planning

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