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Being a Scrum Master

Written by Nabeel Ansar on Jun 20, 2016

Being new on Scrum Master role is a challenge , in other software development process alternate role is Software Product Manager. If you read roles and responsibilities of a Scrum Master for , you will find a detail of responsibilities that you should be doing as Scrum Master. 

To explain SM role in traffic signal analogy , being a SM you are Traffic Signal between Developers Cars and Product Owner Truck. You have to make sure smooth traffic flow.

Your main responsibilities to PO: 

  • Finding techniques to manage the backlog 
  • Helping Scrum team to generate a clear and cons backlog 
  • Ensuring the PO knows how to prioritize the backlog to get maximum value 
  • Facilitating scrum events

Your main responsibilities to Development Team: 

  • Coaching the team to self-organize 
  • Removing Development roadblocks
  • Facilitating scrum events

Scrum events are based on the core values of Scrum , that are Transparency, inspection and adoption.These events are time boxed meaning you need to set a maximum time for each event and you have to adhere to that.