ISB:2019-10-17:Conference Preparation Team Meet up 3

Final status of stationary Final demonstration of Registration Start finalizing slides of speakers Start receiving videos from sponsors

ISB:2019-10-10:Conference Preparation Team Meet up 2

ISB:2019-10-10:Conference Preparation Team Meet up 2

Status of marketing, registration and stationary Planning for registration process

ISB:2019-10-03:Conference Preparation Team Meet up 1

Marketing and Stationary Finalization Registration Focused meeting

ISB:2019-10-03:Visit to Zeropoint Office

Agile Awareness Session Benefits of joining conference

ISB:2019-09-23:ISB Executive Team Meetup

Marketing plan Registration Plan Logistics stuff planning

ISB:2019-09-26:9th Monthly Meet up

ISB:2019-09-26:9th Monthly Meet up

Dry run for quarterly session ACP19 planning

ISB:2019-07-25:Meeting with Shahid Iqbal

Overview of Pakistan Agile Transformation Common challenges on Agile Transformation Rough plan of talk for quarterly session

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